Top 10 Most Popular Gwent Avatars


If you’ve read the blog or recognise me from Gwent Pro Ladder, you might have noticed that Gwent fashion is not my piece of cake. I use Emhyr avatar and same title almost since I started playing Gwent. 

I have an excuse for commiting this article though. I’m revisting old profile data scrapping scripts and it is probably the most fancy rating which could be done on this occassion. Also, I’m a bit curious how many wannabe Napoleons Emhyrs are out there and guess you wonder the same about your in-game avatar as well. Or you just don’t give a fuck, but want to scroll through some nice pictures. Anyway, here we go.

Outside popularity, most information on avatars shared here would be taken from Trendy Gwentlemen website. The sample was 2860 Pro Ladder players in the Season of the Wild Hunt Masters 3. Number of players using each avatar is denoted in bracket (). Source data here.


10. Dettlaff: The Higher Vampire (37)

Rewarded for finishing Regis Standard Journey

9. Decapitated Regis (38)

Unlocked by reaching 90 level in Regis Standard Journey

8. Double-Cross (40)

Unlocked by reaching 36. level in Alzur’s Standard Journey

7. This Is Metal (41)

Unlocked by reaching 32 level in Aretuza’s Extended Journey

6. Professional (Mosaic) (47)

Unlocked by reaching Pro Rank

5. Geralt Of Rivia (47)

Complete the Tutorial

4. Plague Doctor (50)

Unlocked by reaching 12 level in Regis Standard Journey


3. Knickers (51)

Purchase Thronebreaker

2. Evil Snowman (63)

Winter Event

(Trembling intensifies…)

1. Shuuuuuuupe! (146)

Winter Event


Hope you enjoyed this little trivia detour! Top 10 most silly Gwent nicknames coming soon and then Top 10 Gwent streamers rating.

Perhaps some Pro Ladder faction data comparison for this season would be next. Stay tuned! Shuuuuuupe!