Official News

During Gwentfinity news are seldom, but nevertheless it is worth to follow the announcements.


  • Official Gwent Forum – I never used nor recommend this one, but well, it is official…
  • Official Gwent Discord – more lively and better structured than the official forum, but keep in mind that writing and playing Gwent are two different activities
  • Gwent Redditabsolute must to keep in touch with the Gwent community! Important announcements from Gwent community members, lots of content and balance discussions happen there! Moderators are still active and even provide new features like automated BC results visible before in-game!
  • Discords of Gwent Teams are often well structured and include many great players, but I don’t know a single active one right now (TLG, TEB, Aretuza…).
  • [PL Only] Gwint Pro Polska Discord – admined by me, all pro Gwent Polish players are there.

Websites And Sources

  • Voice of Gwent – ultimate and every month updated base of cards along with original voicelines, arts and many more. I use this website whenever writing a Gwent article. There is also api . I use api as data source for my deck naming algorithm.
  • GwentData – faction and players stats for Top2860 players of Gwent Pro Ladder. 
  • Trendy Gwentleman – the database of Gwent cosmetics, Gwentle and other features
  • 4K Gwent Arts – google drive folder with Gwent graphics in high quality

Balance Council

Up to June 2024 it became clear that buffs/nerfs are in 95% influenced by prominent figures in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game community, who post Balance Council suggestions to follow. The situation is changing dynamically with influencers forming and breaking coalitions, coming and leaving from the game. When I write this words, their suggestions each month are summarized by a_reveur here:

 Active coalitions with proven impact as for June 2024:

If you’d like to contribute a test vote and check out community preferences, there is Data Collector by jimgbr:

Competitive Play


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