Gwent Ladder Highscores

Check out the best ladder scores in Gwent Masters 1-4 seasons!

The data source is Gwent Masters website, giving accesss to total MMR scores of Top2860 Gwent Pro Ladder players. In Season 1 also fMMR scores are directly displayed on GM website, in Seasons 2-4 this information is hidden (oficially because of bots scrapping data – feel free to lobby for reintroducing this data). Therefore the fMMR information is discontinous. In more recent seasons it is unofficially available after season for Top500 players thanks to work of AndreNL (GwentData), who scraps fMMR data from in-game profiles. Whenever possible I would use this data to establish best factional scores and efficiencies (fLEIs) The analysis is done by myself and I’m open for your feedback.

If you are new to Gwent ladder peformance efficiency concept and LEI parameter, be sure to check out the foundation article here.