Nations Of Gwentfinity – Who Would Carry Gwent Banner?


After first three months of 2024 Gwentfinity it is time to see how national structure in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game developed without official esports and content updates. In the previous report from September 2023 we didn’t see yet much dynamics. 

In this article we would update the old graphs with 2024 data up to March Season and derive conclusions.

Then And Now

Top5 Countries


Russian community flourishes in 2024 Gwentfinity – now every 3rd player on Gwent Pro Ladder is Russian!

Nik_r is the main Russian Gwent streamer and GwentDetta team manager. Russian and Belarussian players were banned from official Gwent tournaments since February 2022 (invasion on Ukraine). In Gwentfinity such restriction no longer obeys in most community tournaments (for example in Community Masters 2024 organized by Matol). Moreover, there are many Russian/CIS exquisite tournaments with attractive prize pools. Also popular streamer Necrotal returned to Gwent after a long break and brought many players back to the game.


The share of Chinese players is in steady, but slow decease. Recently top Chinese players formed a balance council coalition, which was able to impact April 2024 community patch


Ukraine overcame Poland and took 3rd place on podium. The shape of growth is almost identical to Russia. 


The number of Polish players dropped by ~40%. In terms of playerbase, Gwent is no longer “Polish card game” with high represenation amongst top competitive players.

United States

Simlarity to Poland, the % of US players is in serious decease with respect to 2023.


The impact of Major Regions changed dramatically with respect to September 2023. Now every 2nd player on Gwent Pro Ladder comes from ‘CIS’ (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan,…) community! 

Gwent Per Capita

Another proof for Gwent boom in eastern Slav countries – Belarus becomes the country with highest relative Gwent popularity! East Slav countries overcame Poland, which used to lead this stat for almost whole Gwent history (in September 2023 it was surprisingly Hong Kong, but it may be falsed by VPNs of some Chinese players).


Hope you enjoyed this overview and learned something interesting about nations of Gwent Pro Ladder!

Raw data and graphs for some other nations not mentioned in the article are available on Google Drive.

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