Gwent Patch 11.8 – Iris, Demavend, Pirates – Analysis And Review


Gwent Patch 11.8 introduces a big rework of Iris von Everec and a couple of other buffs and nerfs. The latter most notably includes Vice:12 for Acherontia and Cooldown:4 for King Demavend.


Card by card breakdown has been done in a structured google doc. That’s the main, analytical body of the article:

Gwent 11.8 Patch Changes Card By Card Doc


  • Neutral Degenerate Pack Buff

Syanna buff from 12 to 10 provision cost along with Mandrake 8=>6 cost reduction is the part of the patch which supports ‘degenerate’ decks. Syanna could go in threat overload builds, while Mandrake had a niche use to renew Defender status (on Cave Troll). 

A feed for deckbuilders of greedy abuser type.

  • An Craite Armorsmith Got Butchered

Nicknamed as ‘the new Spring Equinox’ by some Redditors in Gwent Patch 11.7, An Craite Armorsmith catched a huge ceiling nerf. At 4 provision, but buffing only by 1 per two armor on the most stacked unit, ACA would lack distinctive added value. From rockstar to 4p filler in Pirates at best.

  • Iris Von Everec – most interesting rework of the patch

(look into doc for detailed analysis) New Iris would be the best feed for creative, non-degenerate deckbuilding in Gwent 11.7.

  • Demavend + Winch no more

Thanks to Cooldown:4 nerf, Demavend is no more a pointslam card with finisher capabilities. Still the card is a solid tutor with upsides in Inspired Zeal decks.

  • Less wind in Acherontia sails

With Vice:12 Acherontia still would easily get triggered in the deploy turn, but each next proc would be harder to achieve. Reasonable ceiling nerf.

  • What I like?

Iris von Everec rework is interesting and thematic given Iris: Companions ability. Sadly the third Iris is needed to get most out of this internal synergy.

Demavend nerf may be lazy, but removes the most disgusting part of 30 points in one turn play with 2x Winch. However Priscilla would still enable double instant trigger.

Funeral Boat wasn’t broken in terms of effective power, but absolutely crazy pinging machine at times. Working only on own turn is a good nerf, which however would make this card only incidentally good value.

Jutta, Kaer Trolde and Imperial Marine adjustments are all important and in good direction.

  • What I dislike?

Spontaneous Evolution rework is heavily misguided in the Ogroid part (triple KEK in analysis doc); wouldn’t help the archetype at all. Moreover Ogroids themselves got no love in spite of visible lacking in many aspects (archetype review).

In this context I also don’t understand Lord Riptide rework. This card was already played as a midrange tool in various MO decks (Deathwish, White Frost…) and now the payoff for playing Ogroids becomes even lower.

Scoia’tael changes reduced only to meaningless +1 power on Hostage Taker is dissappointing.

Overall, the number of interesting reworks is very low – only Iris von Everec – which is concerning before Gwentfinity. Provision changes to still meme or niche cards like Cosimo Malaspina or Mandrake are pointless in this context.

Meta Predictions

No changes.


Hope you had a good read! Feedback very welcomed as always, wonder what I missed in my analysis!