Gwent Patch 10.1 – Card Rating Chart Prediction

I rated each of the cards changed in Gwent Patch 10.1 (list of changes). All predictions are presented in the chart below.

(in case some wild symbols appear instead of content – click them – should help)

Meta Level

Meta Level category is reserved for cards which I predict to find place in various meta decks.

Interesting at least

Interesting at least category is reserved for cards which:

– could have interesting applications in ladder decks
– or i would like to meme with at least


Average category is reserved for cards which:

– may be played in decent decks
– are not bad nor especially interesting


Meh category is reserved for cards which are:

  1. Below meta level 
  2. I don’t want to play
Summary and meta prediction

The patch is rather concised in form and consists mostly of: 

  • slight nerf to King of Beggars + Savolla finisher combo
  • big nerf to Milva
  • slight buff to Bounty archetype built around Witch Hunters
  • substantial buff to  Invigorate and devotion Handbuff decks 

Regarding the last point, especially Hawker Support looks like a problematic card, inviting massive red-coin abuse. 

My meta predictions:


Nilfgaard – Assimilate, Hyperthin, Cloggers
Syndicate – Midrange Tribute Jackpot, Bounty Tribute Jackpot

Bottom 4

Scoia’tael – Invigorate Engines Saskia

Northern Realms – Alumni Zeal

Monsters – Vampires Devo and Non-Devo

Skellige – Alchemy/Warriors/Pirates/Rain…


Apparently Vrihedd Saboteur does not handbuff. I’m sorry for the misread, but it stems from me not even taking into consideration that old trash Hawker Support ability could be left in the game. I’m going to leave the entry in the chart unchanged for the testmemeony of the lazy change done 😉

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