August Season Masters 4 – Top5 Factional Highscores Charts

Presented data was collected a bit too early (~30 minutes) before definite season end. While Top16 scores and positions were adjusted manually some numbers may slightly differ especially for sub-Top16 players.

Factional MMR Highscores

Factional LEI Highscores

Data from Top500 Pro Ladder players profiles. FAC_LEI computed according to formula:

\(FAC\_LEI = 2*\frac{TOP\_FMMR-2400}{\sqrt{GAMES}}\)

The origin article on fLEI could be found here. Special credits to AndreNL (GwentData) who provided the source data.

If you are in one of the charts and would like to share your decklist, feel free to contact me on Discord ([LGC] lerio2#7328). Much appreciated!